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Driver Training

Collision Avoidance & Skid Control Training

In order to prepare drivers for any eventuality, we feel that skid control is an integral part of our driving skills. Unfortunately, too many motorists only realise how little control they have over their motor vehicle once they are in an emergency situation. In fact less than 5% of all drivers have attended a skidpan course.

Through skidpan training we are able to show people the correct techniques to maximise their vehicle control in an emergency situation.

For this session, the participants utilise their own vehicles. This is extremely important as it shows them exactly what to expect from their respective vehicles and themselves in any given situation.

Skidpan training takes approximately three to four hours, during which time we cover the following situations:

  • Loss of control.
  • Regaining control.
  • Cadence braking.
  • Emergency lane changes.
  • Oversteer & Understeer.
  • Various vehicle orientation exercises.

Upon completion of the course all candidates will receive certification of attendance and lunch will be served.

After covering the above training techniques we are confident the participants will have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the correction of emergency situations, however bear in mind defensive drivers should generally be able to avoid the majority of emergency situations through awareness and anticipation.

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