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Driver Training

4 x 4 Driver Training

Our 4x4 training is offered in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg.

TOPGEAR Driving Academy has specifically designed a course that will test a driver’s skill & knowledge without jeopardizing the condition of their vehicles. We offer a comprehensive training with two courses on offer.

Level 1

Our level one course focuses on the vehicle and will typically cover subjects including the various types of drive train layouts, vehicle dynamics & off-road performance. We cater for all makes of cars and with over 20 years experience in off-roading our instructors will have you on the edge of your seats when you experience the various obstacles such as:

  • Gradients
  • Cross-axle articulation exercises
  • Side Slopes
  • River Sand driving
  • Various suspension tracks
  • Off-road trails
  • Water crossing when available

By the end off the training not only will you have learned and applied your new skills, you will most definitely have had an absolutely fun day as well.

Level 2

Level 2 training focuses more on the recovery procedures one would use out in the bush. We cover matters involving towing, snatching and winching in great depth with the do & don'ts well explained. Subjects including jacks & jacking methods are also covered in-depth.

Both LEVEL 1 & 2 are offered to all 4x4 enthusiasts from the novice to the expert who would like to improve or refresh their skills, alternatively you can also attend if just want to have a damn good time and experience the thrills of off-road driving.

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